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The Sacred Valley of the Incas

1 Day

The Sacred Valley of the Incas: A Journey through Time

The full-day Sacred Valley tour unfolds in the Peruvian region stretching along the Urubamba River, nestled between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. This area, once the heartland of the Inca Empire, boasts remarkable archaeological sites like Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and Moray.

The Incas revered the valley for its natural beauty and fertile soil, deeming it sacred. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the valley held strategic importance, serving as a crucial link between the highlands and the jungle, facilitating trade and military expansion.

Today, the Sacred Valley stands as a sought-after destination, drawing thousands of visitors annually. Explorers come to delve into ancient ruins, immerse in traditional Andean culture, and marvel at the breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, it serves as a gateway to Machu Picchu, an iconic archaeological marvel renowned worldwide.

Tour Price

Sacred Valley 1 Day

$ 75 USD
per person

Group Size:

Up to 16

Activity Level:


Trip Length:

1 Day

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is one of Peru's most prized jewels. This beautiful valley located at the foot of the Andes Mountains was home to the Inca civilization and is home to a wealth of ruins, traditional villages, and stunning landscapes.

On this 1-day tour, you will have the opportunity to discover the highlights of this unique place. You will visit the ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, two of the most important archaeological sites in the Sacred Valley. You will also experience the traditional villages of Maras and Chinchero, where you can interact with the locals and learn about their culture.

Inca Ruins

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is home to a wealth of Inca ruins, which are a testament to the power and sophistication of this ancient civilization. On this tour, you will visit two of the most important archaeological sites in the valley:

  • Pisac: Pisac is an Inca citadel located atop a hill. The ruins include temples, palaces, agricultural terraces, and a traditional market.
  • Ollantaytambo: Ollantaytambo is an Inca citadel located on the Urubamba River. The ruins include temples, palaces, fortresses, and a series of terraced agricultural fields.

Traditional Villages:

The Sacred Valley of the Incas also is home to a number of traditional villages that preserve the culture and traditions of the region. On this tour, you will visit two of these villages:

  • Maras: Maras is a village located at the base of the Andes Mountains. It is known for its salt mines, which produce high-quality salt for centuries.
  • Chinchero: Chinchero is a village located on the banks of the Urubamba River. It is known for its traditional textiles, which are woven using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Stunning landscapes

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a place of incomparable natural beauty. The valley is surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains, and is crossed by the Urubamba River. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the Andes, the Urubamba River, and the Inca ruins.

Sacred Valley Tour Itinerary:

We'll pick you up from your hotel at 7:30 am in our private van, heading to the stunning Sacred Valley of the Incas. Your first glimpse of the valley unfolds at the Mirador of Taray, offering a breathtaking view of the Urubamba valley with traditional farming communities and majestic mountain peaks. Read on for a preview of the highlights!

  • PISAC: Our journey continues to the archaeological site of Pisac, home to an immense Inca cemetery boasting over 2000 tombs. Explore the intricate farming terraces carved into the mountainside during our 1.5-hour visit to this extensive Inca city. Afterwards, we visit the vibrant Pisac market for about 20 minutes before heading to Urubamba for lunch. Choose from a buffet of delicious Peruvian dishes or nearby restaurants.

  • SALT MINES: Next, we explore the Pre-Inca Salt Mines (Salineras) near Maras, where hundreds of saltpans decorate the hillside. These salt mines, in operation since pre-Inca times, produce high-quality salt using a natural spring. It's one of the few places globally where you'll find naturally pink salt. This visit involves a shorter walk compared to Pisac.

  • MORAY: Discover the captivating Inca site of Moray, known as "The Greenhouses of the Incas." Terraces carved into a massive bowl, with varying microclimates, were likely used by the Incas for crop research. This is a brief stop to appreciate the unique landscape.

  • OLLANTAYTAMBO: Our tour concludes in Ollantaytambo, where we spend about 1 hour exploring the archaeological site. Similar to Pisac, this extensive site showcases remarkable architecture, including the Sun Temple, water fountains, the Incahuatana, and impressive storehouses. We'll then return to Cusco, dropping you off at your hotel around 6:30 pm.


  • Exceptional English-speaking tour guide residing in Cusco.
  • Private tour vehicles, adjusted based on the group size, accompanied by a driver.
  • Partial entry tickets to Pisac, Chinchero, Moray, and Ollantaytambo.
  • Entrance ticket to Salineras.
  • Classic Box Lunch provided, with the option to accommodate vegetarians or other dietary restrictions.
  • Local taxes in Peru.

Not Included:

  • Two liters of water: It is recommended to bring reusable bottles to reduce environmental impact and maintain a green environment. Plastic bottles are not allowed.
  • Tipping for the visitor's tour guide and driver is at their discretion.
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Additional Information:

When preparing for your Sacred Valley tour in Peru, consider the time of year and planned activities. Here are key recommendations:

  • Clothing: Due to the cool and changeable climate, pack layers. Include a warm jacket, hat, and gloves for cooler months, and lightweight clothing with a sun hat for warmer months. Opt for comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots.

  • Sun Protection: High altitude and strong sun necessitate sun protection. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

  • Personal Items: Bring necessary medications, toiletries, and personal items essential during the tour.

  • Camera: Capture the breathtaking scenery of the Sacred Valley with a camera or smartphone.

  • Cash: Ensure you have cash for souvenirs, snacks, sacred valley tickets, and tips for guides and drivers.

  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated at high altitudes; bring a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day.

  • Snacks: Keep energized during the tour with snacks like energy bars, nuts, and dried fruit.

  • Backpack: Bring a small backpack to carry all essentials comfortably during the tour.


Travel Highlights

Duration:1 Day
Type:Cusco Tours, Sacred Valley
Ideal group size:1 to 16  explorers
Physical Intensity:Easy
Departures:Available Daily
Recommended age for the tour:Participants must be at least 18 years old to embark on a solo Tierra Biru adventure. For minors accompanied by a guardian aged 21 or older, the minimum age is 6.

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