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Revive Your Inca Trail Adventure: Unforgettable Treks to Machu Picchu's Heart

Unveil the secrets of the ancient Inca Empire on foot. The legendary Inca Trail beckons with breathtaking Andean vistas, mystical ruins, and the ultimate reward: Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of Peru. Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with customized treks for every pace and passion.

Choose your path to the sky city:

  • 4-Day Classic Inca Trail:

    The gold standard, offering a balanced blend of challenge and awe-inspiring scenery. Hike iconic sections like Dead Woman's Pass and Sun Gate, and soak in the magic of Machu Picchu at sunrise.

  • 2-Day Short Inca Trail:

    Embrace the essence of the Inca Trail in a condensed and action-packed journey. Start in serene Ollantaytambo and ascend to Inti Punku, savouring the panoramic views and iconic revelation of Machu Picchu.

  • 5-Day In-Depth Exploration:

    For dedicated explorers, this immersive trek delves into the hidden wonders of the trail. Learn from local communities and arrive at Machu Picchu with a richer understanding of its history.

Start planning your ascent to Machu Picchu today! Contact us for personalized itineraries and let’s craft your perfect Inca Trail journey.


Resolving doubts : Common Questions about the Inca Trail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Inca Trail?

The Inca Trail is a 43 kilometre trekking route that links the city of Cuzco with the citadel of Machu Picchu. It is a natural passage to get into the nature and have a more adventurous trip on the way to Machu Picchu.

Why is the Inca Trail famous?

The Inca Trail is famous for its natural beauty, history and cultural importance. The route passes through breathtaking landscapes, such as mountains, valleys, forests and waterfalls. It also offers the opportunity to visit ancient Inca ruins, such as Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu.

Where is the Inca Trail located?

The Inca Trail is located in the Peruvian Andes, in the Cusco region. The trail begins in the city of Cusco and ends at the citadel of Machu Picchu, which is located on top of a mountain.

How long does the Inca Trail take?

The Inca Trail can be done in 4, 5 or 6 days. The duration depends on the type of trek you choose. The 4-day tours are the most popular, but the 5 or 6-day tours offer more time to explore the trail and the Inca ruins.

How much does the Inca Trail cost?

The price of the Inca Trail varies depending on the type of tour you choose. The 4-day tours usually cost between US$500 and US$1,000. Tours of 5 or 7 days usually cost between US$700 and US$1,500.

How to book a tour to the Inca Trail?

The only way to book an Inca Trail tour is through an authorized travel agency. Travel agencies offer a variety of Inca Trail tours to suit all budgets and fitness levels.

What should I pack for the Inca Trail?

It is important to pack comfortable clothing suitable for the trek. It is also important to pack waterproof clothing, as it can rain in the Andes. In addition, it is important to pack enough food and water for the trek.

What should I know before doing the Inca Trail?

It is important to be in good physical shape before doing the Inca Trail. The route is demanding and requires a good physical condition. It is also important to be prepared for the variable weather conditions in the Andes.

How to prepare physically for the Inca Trail?

It is important to start preparing physically for the Inca Trail at least six weeks before the trek. Regular walks are recommended, gradually increasing the distance and difficulty. It is also important to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

What are the risks of the Inca Trail?

The main risks of the Inca Trail are altitude sickness, fatigue and injuries. It is important to be prepared for these risks and take the necessary measures to prevent them.

How can I leave feedback about my tour?

You can leave feedback about your tour on our Tripadvisor profile, by email or by phone. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our tours.

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